Chapter 1: The ONE THING Holding You Back...
Most married businessmen unknowingly tell themselves  a quiet little lie that inevitably leads them to:

Bank accounts that leak money.

A disconnected marriage.

Compulsive procrastination and a lack of focus.

A body that is always tired and relies on pulls and caffeine to get through the day.

This cycle of self sabotage ultimately leads them down the path of destroying everything they love.  

You don't lack desire. You lack clarity.  I created this free guide to show you exactly how to free yourself from the self imposed prison of fog, confusion and doubt and propel yourself forward towards your desired outcome.

Retired SWAT | Business Productivity Consultant | 
Accountability Expert | Podcaster I Speaker | Husband | Father
Chapter 1: How To Win Impossible Games
When CEO’s, executives, and entrepreneurs are looking for clarity and accountability in their personal and professional lives, they call Gerritt Bake. He completed a 15 year career as a police officer in which he worked a variety of assignments including SWAT, Undercover, and various supervisory roles. 

Over the years, he experienced several life and death situations. He now leverages what he learned and his unique leadership style to help businessmen achieve the professional and personal breakthroughs they’ve been chasing for years.
"It's a lot easier to Build the business of your dreams if you can see where you're going."
- Gerritt Bake - 
Chapter 3: Who Is Gerritt?
Gerritt is a married father of three. After struggling to achieve consistent results in both his personal and professional life, Gerritt dedicated himself to creating a system that allowed him to grow in both areas without sacrificing the other. After serving as a police officer for 15 years, he decided to take his program and talents to the private sector where he currently spends his time helping businessmen Do More, Be More, and Produce More for themselves and their families.

Currently, he is an advisor and investor in many businesses in the fields of healthcare, finance, and real estate. He contributes to various police associations and participates with the East Valley Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Gerritt speaks frequently to diverse groups like Axon, CAIS, MediaMix, American Express and other professional organizations and associations in between. His unique style brings energy and collaboration into the room.
Fun side fact: Gerritt is an adventure junkie. He has qualified for the Boston Marathon and regularly competes in obstacle course races. He recently completed an 11 Summit Challenge where he hiked 11 mountain peaks in Arizona in 48 hours. He helped raise $100k for C.A.S.A.
Chapter 4: How Can We Support Each Other?
Gerritt enjoys interacting with and learning from other entrepreneurs and high level executives who share similar passions with him.  His freindly demeanor and approachable manner make him easy to talk to and gives his clients and connections confidence that he always has their best interests in mind.  Gerritt believes everyone's time is valuable, and vows to use his other people’s time wisely and intentionally, working hard to listen and follow through. As a personal connection, you can expect credibility, commitment, determination, and unmatchable personal service.

In his free time, you will find Gerritt hiking or running with friends and family, hanging out at local festivals or enjoying a favorite eatery. Gerritt enjoys doing community work with his church, family vacations, and challenging his kids to card games. Gerritt's favorite pastime is hanging out with Melissa and the kids Jaden, Graysen, and Cielo.
Chapter 5: What Exactly Does Gerritt Do?
Gerritt helps CEO's, Executives, and Businesses Get Clear, Get Focused, and Get Paid.  By leveraging the critical tools he mastered as a police officer, Gerritt guides his clients down the path of clearly defining what they desire most, and laying out a systematic and battle tested plan to follow in order to get there.

By eliminating the unknowns and properly planning for the inevitable challenges that lie ahead, his clients are able to more quickly adapt and overcome, ultimately achieving their desired outcome.
I Look Forward To Developing A Relationship With You!
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